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19-Nov-2017 05:14

I longed for the kind of companionship I once found in Stella Artois."You need to start online dating," my friend Jennifer told me. I didn't know if it was my age, or our age in general, but the whole discussion about online dating had shifted from, "Why don't you try this? Why couldn't I meet my future husband in a coffee shop, or in the produce section of a grocery store? By now, most of us have tried online dating, or at least know its narrative arc: The agony of creating a personal profile (what picture should I use? ), followed by the rush of adrenaline that arrives when emails begin to pile up in your inbox.

It's such a funny mix of insecurity and power to be a woman on those sites.

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I believed these things because -- well, because he told them to me.

It was the evening that he canceled our second date when I decided to confront him on this.

"So I have to tell you something," I said to him on the phone.

Still, we are in a complicated house-of-mirrors moment with the truth.

Just ask Mike Daisey, whose tale of Apple hiring underage workers was debunked last weekend on "This American Life." It's a breathtaking hour of radio, not only because Daisey is lying, but also because he is lying to himself. It's like we're all suffering a giant crisis of authenticity.

Mine was the low, shaky whisper you reserve for difficult conversations, like how you cheated on someone or want to break up.

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