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Nathan said that “boredom and stupidity” were the two things that first led to the band not musical passions. There’s a hidden photo of the members of Kings of Leon when they were children hidden in one of their album sleeves.

If fans own they can take out the plastic case that holds the CD in place and they’ll see a very adorable photo of the band mates as children.

The fumes burned peoples' eyes until they vacated the premises.

In their earliest years evangelizing through the South with their preacher father, the family traveled in a Chrysler.

RS also visited the Kings in their Nashville homes for an intimate tour of their private lives — watch the video, above — and managed to squeeze a few more facts and hilarious stories out of the foursome.

Here's 13 of the most enlightening: All of the Kings go by their middle names. Singer Anthony "Caleb" Followill, drummer Ivan "Nathan" Followill, guitarist Cameron "Matthew" Followill and bassist Michael "Jared" Followill.

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He is the lead singer of the band Kings of Leon and lucky (and unlucky for those female fans of the band) for him he landed himself a Victoria’s Secret model.

I mean, I don’t think just anyone could handle being away from home for 10 months out of the year, but you know, it kind of helped us not to attach ourselves to a certain place for too long because we knew we were going to have to up and leave.

So early on in our career it was perfect for the guiltless sex with the groupies, but now that we all have relationships, it’s a little tough.”Nathan got himself hitched in November of 2009.

Kings of Leon, rock and roll band from Tennessee, is known for a number of hit songs including “Use Somebody," “Sex on Fire,” “Wait for Me,” and “Supersoaker." The latest news on Kings of Leon is drummer, Nathan Followill, has announced that a seventh album is on its way but no time table has been given as to when it will be released.

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This album will hopefully be a successful follow up to their last album . Kings of Leon have such crazy fans that they had to cut their tour short last year.

Prior to his relationship with Patterson, Followill was rumored to have dated Now, Followill will join his bandmates in trading in the excitement of touring for some old-fashioned domestic bliss.