Server 2016r2 dhcp not updating dns

19-Nov-2017 15:24

This issue has been difficult to diagnose as the current logs did not provide adequate visibility into the reasons for the failures.Dynamic DNS updates are attempts to update the PTR record, which is often done in conjunction with HOST A record update.If the callback function indicates a failure of the registration, DHCP server maintains in it’s lease database that this DNS update status for the lease is “Pending”.If the dynamic DNS registration is successful, it’s marked as “Complete”.

Given the above implementation, in a situation where the reverse lookup zone is not present, the queue inside the DNS client builds up and causes long delays in the registration of other DHCP clients which should have gone through. The second change is related to retries in the DNS client.

If the queue becomes full, scavenger does not call the DNS registration API and moves to process the next unregistered IP address in the lease database.