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And now Natalie is dating a dude who rolls with the Lilo? The only thing it is NOT is Tori Spelling and Donatella Versace. That’s what happens when you are friends with Lindsay Lohan.An insider claimed that the couple weren’t exclusive, but were nevertheless spending “lots of time together.” There were even rumors, courtesy of Daily Mail, that Styles had gotten Leopold’s initials tattooed on his body.By June, however, things had fizzled out, and Styles had moved onto another model, Sara Sampaio.Pictures of the couple kissing and strolling arm-in-arm in New York‘s West Village have appeared on The People magazine website.The magazine describes Banhart as Portman‘s ‘new beaux’.Since this morning’s post about Natalie Portman’s new relationship with Devendra Banhart, a few of his hardcore fans have emailed insisting that A.

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“There was definitely chemistry there as they hugged and kissed each other when she left but everyone thinks something was up as she came back and they left so soon after each other the next morning,” said Daily Mail.In 2016, Rowe was named Playboy Playmate of the Month for April.In an interview with L’Officiel in 2009, Rowe explained the cause of her success: “I seriously think it worked out for me because I’m kind. OK, if you want, a girl next door pretty pretty.” She added that its important to keep things in perspective when fame comes knocking,” I would never understand the importance people place on this.• Reporting by JULIE JORDAN and MARISA LAUDADIO RELATED GALLERY: • See other celeb breakups on the covers of PEOPLE!

There’s no denying it: Harry Styles is one of the most sought after pop stars in the world.

Grimshaw showed Styles a series of photos, including one of actor Ryan Gosling and one of Rowe. Styles has amassed a reputation for dating Victoria’s Secret models.