Deeper dating new york

19-Feb-2018 17:47

Anyone who wants to transition from relationships based on fear to those deeply rooted in an authentic love based on our unique, individual gifts.The book is geared towards those who are single and seeking love as well as for those seeking to break the pattern of unhealthy relationships.Being a lover of literature and poetry, I find books to be a poignant adjunct to any psycho-therapeutic treatment.I often recommend and select books for my clients based on their individual cognitive (i.e., reading and learning) styles and where they are at in their particular healing journey.Us men are all about the hunt; meeting women and getting the biggest bang for our efforts. The thing is; if the seduction is done naturally or organically, that is a great thing. You challenge these in your book by saying that looks, games, and playing hard to get are actually anti-productive. Ken Page: If you look at a lot of the top best selling books and a lot of the dating advice for men—it is all about seduction.The author, Sharon Salzberg, who I go to see speak whenever I get the opportunity, offers a well-written, detailed, but very relatable and down to earth, book that also comes with an audio CD with guided meditations!

Tara walks us through the transformative process of bringing to ourselves the qualities of compassion and kindness, and in doing so, allows us to trade in our negative perceptions for radical acceptance.

Please contact me if you have any books or articles, including ones you may have written yourself, that you’d like for me to consider including here. I also look forward to hearing back from you about which books you choose to read and what you think…

I have organized my recommendations by category so that if you have a specific interest you can find what you need with more ease.

I often integrate exercises from this book into my sessions, or “assign” them as homework. Real Happiness offers an easily internalized introduction to mindfulness meditation with a structured 28-day program about mindfulness practice which includes FAQ’s, takeaways, and reflections for each week.

One of my mentors gave me this book after we wrapped up a 2-year long research project in which I was the neuropsychologist on a protocol examining the feasibility of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on those who were diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment.This book catapulted me to another realm of understanding of the benefit of mindfulness meditation.