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For example, students will receive the greatest number of attempts and longest availability time. However, when you hide a test column from students, they see nothing about the test in When students access their tests, they see their overall scores, each question's score, and all answer options.

They see their submitted answers marked as correct or incorrect, and any feedback provided.

, students may save their progress, navigate away, and return to complete the test or survey. During a timed test, the time elapsed is displayed to students.

If students accidentally close their browsers, leave the test or survey page, or lose power or their internet connections, they can't continue. You can require students to take a test on campus, connected to an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, and with a proctor. Timer warnings appear at set increments when half the time remains down to 30 seconds.

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You can require students to take a test or survey in a specific location.Then, the student could return on Thursday to finish. Check out the student view of timed tests (use your browser's back button to return here) to automatically save and submit a test or survey when time expires.